Visa / Study Permit

What is a student visa?

A Student Visa is a permit that allows an eligible non-citizen to enter and stay in a country to study full-time or part-time in a tertiary educational institution.

Visa Application for Mauritius

Mauritius requires that the institution (African Leadership College) in which a student is enrolled apply to the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) in Mauritius for the visa on the student’s behalf. The application process takes 2-3 weeks. Once the application has been approved, the PIO issues permission for provisional entry permit valid for three months to enable them to travel to Mauritius. Once the student is in Mauritius, they are required to do a series of medical checks (stool and urine samples, chest x-ray and blood samples) to ensure that the student is not suffering from any contagious diseases specifically, HIV, Hepatitis B or chest infection.
There are two potential outcomes of this medical assessment:

  • If the medical certificate proves that the student is infected with a contagious disease, his/her provisional entry permit would be cancelled and he/she would be required to leave Mauritius within two weeks.
  • If the medical certificate is clear, the student will be issued with a permanent student visa which will be valid for the full period of study with ALU. At the beginning of each subsequent academic year, ALU will submit documentary evidence to the PIO to confirm that the student is pursuing his studies under the same programme.

To avoid a student being denied stay in Mauritius we encourage all applicants to conduct the abovementioned medical checks prior to their arrival in Mauritius. Should your medical check prove positive for any of the abovementioned conditions, please contact us immediately so we can discuss next steps.

To avoid being denied stay in Mauritius, students MUST conduct the above mentioned medical checks prior to their arrival in Mauritius. Should your medical check prove positive for any of the above mentioned conditions, please contact us immediately so we can discuss further. The Mauritius authorities will still require you to re-take these tests when you arrive, however, in order to avoid unnecessary surprises we require that you take the tests in your home country as well.


Please note that the above information regarding medical checks is a requirement of the Passport & Immigration Office of Mauritius. ALC does not discriminate against individuals with any medical conditions including the above mentioned diseases. We are however bound by the laws of Mauritius. If you suffer from any of the conditions listed above we will endeavour to the best of our ability, within the confines of Mauritian Laws, to resolve the situation with the authorities so that you can travel to Mauritius without prejudice. Irrespective of the outcome, your admission status with ALC is not affected. We understand that this is a very delicate issue and so if you would like to speak to someone in this regard please feel free to reach out to us by email to discuss further. We can assure you that the situation will be dealt with, with the utmost care and confidentiality.

How to apply for a provisional entry permit to Mauritius

The following documents are required to apply for an entry permit to Mauritius:

  • Application form
  • Passport photos (only colour photos will be accepted)
  • Copy of passport (valid for period of study)
  • Acceptance form signed by the student
  • 3-months bank statement verified (stamped and signed) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country
  • Results of medical checks (for ALC-verification purposes only)


For students 18 years of age and below, the following additional documents are required:

  • Signed parent/guardian consent form
  • Scanned copy of parent/guardian’s passport
  • A scanned copy of student’s birth certificate

These forms and requirements will be provided on the admitted student portal. For any further queries regarding student permits, please contact the Admissions team.

Visa Application for Rwanda

Rwanda requires students to obtain a N1 Student Pass that is issued by the Rwanda Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (RDGIE). Non-citizens of Rwanda should hold a passport with a minimum validity of one year as from the date of arrival and sufficient funds to meet the cost of his/her stay in Rwanda to be able to ask for a student visa at the immigration of Rwanda.

You don’t need to request a visa before coming to Rwanda, but you will need to do so as soon as you reach the country. The required documents list is as follows:

  • Original Police clearance from the country you have lived for the past 6 months
  • Admission Letter provided by ALU
  • Letter to RDGIE provided by ALU
  • A completed Application Form
  • Academic Transcripts
  • One coloured passport size photo (with white background)
  • A fee of RwF 10,000 (approximately $12)

You will need to print and make copies of all documents and take them with you while you travel. These documents will be dropped off at the immigration office. The processing time is 3-4 working days. Once you request for the N1 Student Pass has been approved, you will receive a stamp on your passport for proof. This N1 Student Pass is valid for a period of one year, but will need to be renewed until the last year of your education. ALU will provide support regarding renewals.

For more information, check the admitted students portal. For any further queries regarding student passes, please contact the Admissions team.