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“I see ALU setting students up for a successful career based on the exposure you get from being here. Doing internships exposes you to real life experience. And being exposed to speakers and students trying different career paths. Those aspects I think set you up really nicely. “

Sofonias Negussie – Computing | Ethiopia

The Application Process

One size doesn’t fit all at ALU, we appreciate the diverse backgrounds and experiences of all our applicants and have therefore designed an online application process that takes a holistic approach when assessing your application. This means that your grades are as important to us as your leadership potential and fit.

The general eligibility requirements for both our campuses are indications for the academic level we deem necessary to excel in the ALU environment. As such, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with them.

However, meeting the general eligibility requirements or falling just short of it, is not the sole determinant of your admission decision.

Our holistic admissions process considers how your leadership potential and fit, in addition to your grades, will not only bring value to the ALU community, but also allow you to excel academically given the challenging nature of our programs.

As such, our application is designed to provide you with a platform that will enable you to showcase your unique strengths and background on multiple fronts.

Who Are We Looking For?

The ideal ALU student is deeply motivated to become a catalyst for change—an entrepreneurial leader. Entrepreneurial leaders solve complex problems in creative ways, even with limited resources. They achieve more than anyone thinks is possible, with fewer resources than anyone thinks is possible. Africa and the world at large needs these kinds of leaders in government, civil society, and in business.

However, entrepreneurial leaders are not necessarily entrepreneurs (as in ‘founders of companies’). An entrepreneurial leader can be a scientist, a government servant, a corporate, or NGO operator.

Entrepreneurial leaders are not bound by status quo, they are creative, nimble, resilient, imbued with faith, stubborn about their vision, visionary and humble; the ideal ALU student is one who has a high potential and the deep desire to develop and fully embody these characteristics.

Part One: The ALU Leadership Assessment

The ALU Leadership Assessment is a norm-referenced assessment through which you will discover how you measure on the 5 core leadership traits.

It is designed to help you learn more about yourself, as you embark upon your application journey. After taking the assessment, you will receive results that will shed light on some of your strengths and weaknesses in light of your leadership potential.

The Leadership Assessment is mandatory and designed for you to get to know yourself a bit better. 

As part of the application you will be asked to reflect on what you have learned by taking the test in the “getting to know you” section.

Part Two: The ALU Academic Application

After completing ALU’s Leadership Assessment, you are ready to move on to the remainder of the application.

The application is designed to allow for a holistic selection process that takes into account your academic background as well as leadership potential and fit. It is important that you take your time when filling out the application and think about why ALU is the best school for you and why you might be a great addition to the ALU community.

Getting in touch with our local recruitment reps on the continent, attending informative sessions, or even speaking to our alumni and current students are all great ways to prepare for your application.

We believe great leaders come in all forms and sizes. The ALU Application gives you the opportunity to help us understand who you are through the admissions process by providing us with all the information that we need to understand your story.

General Details

The General Details section is a really short section designed to collect information about your mode of study (visiting or full-time student) as well as your ability to submit your official Secondary examination or A-level equivalent results before the beginning of the program. In addition, you will be asked to indicate your preferred degree program amongst other short questions.

Who is a visiting student?
A visiting student is someone that is coming to ALU for a short period of time without planning to graduate from ALU. Visiting students might come for a gap year, an exchange semester, or a year abroad. A full time student in comparison will come to ALU for the entire duration of a program and graduate from ALU.

Please keep in mind that year abroad students might require credit transfer, whereas gap year students don’t.


Education History

In this section, you will tell us about your secondary education to date, as well as any post-secondary education you have pursued, such as university or vocational school. This section helps our admissions team determine if you are academically qualified to study at ALU.

If you do not yet have your senior secondary qualification, you are required to upload your end-of-term results for your final three (3) years of senior secondary school. You will then be eligible to receive a preliminary offer to ALU.

Getting To Know You

This is your opportunity  to shine, help us understand your unique story, and what you might bring to the ALU community other than your academic qualifications.

There are no wrong answers to the 5 questions asked. However, do take your time in thinking about what an appropriate response might look like.

100 words is not a lot. Being concise but descriptive is key. 

The $1 Impact Challenge

This section will allow you to showcase your leadership potential as well as critical thinking skills. We recommend that you think a bit about the problems that you think can be improved in your community and how your strengths can help you to tackle one of these issues specifically. 

In leadership, as in life, most things are connected with each other, and figuring out how things work together, sometimes puts people on a shorter road to success and impact.

In this section you help us understand how various parts are connected when looking at the solution to the problem you have identified.  Be as creative as possible when proposing how $1 could be the  catalyst for the change you want to create.

Letters of Recommendation

You will be asked to submit 2 contact details that  will be used to request letters of recommendation on your behalf. Your recommenders will be asked to complete a  recommendation form that is designed to collect more information on your academic and leadership potential. As well as unique character traits that define you as an individual.

Be sure to think a little bit about who, outside of your circle of family and friends, knows you well enough to help us to get to know you better. An ideal recommender would be someone who you have a formal relationship with and has known you for an extended period of time such that they can speak about your strengths and weaknesses. Examples include teachers, mentors, community or church leaders among others.

It is important that you advise your recommenders as soon as possible of their involvement in your application process so that they can complete your letters of recommendation right away and confirm that they have received our request form. 

You may wish to provide your recommenders with the following template – click here – in order for them to prepare.

Please also keep in mind that your recommendations are part of the application and hence, you will not be able to submit your application until your recommenders complete their recommendations forms. You will be notified once that is done. 

Should you need to change your recommenders, you will also have the option of doing so. 

Start your application for the September 2021 class today!

Admissions Decisions

Upon successful submission and review you should expect to receive one of five kinds of Admissions Decision.

  • Admitted

Admitted students receive a firm offer of admission to ALU and do not need to submit any supplementary documentation. 

  • Conditionally Admitted

Conditionally Admitted students receive an offer of admission to ALU contingent on supplementary documentation, and/or BP completion. 

Conditionally Admitted prospective students will only receive a firm offer of admission upon the presentation of requested documentation, proof of merit, and/or proof of BP and/or REB completion.

  • Preliminary Offers

Prospective students that apply to ALU without having taken their Final Senior Secondary Exam/National Exam will be assessed on secondary school term grades, and can receive a preliminary offer. Prospective students will then be required to submit their Final Senior Secondary Exam/National Exam, before the Admissions Committee can consider their application for either a conditional  or a firm offer of Admission.

  • Waitlisted

Waitlisted prospective students show potential, but fall just below the threshold to be extended an offer at the time of their application decision. As a result, waitlisted candidates will be reviewed alongside  applicants from subsequent application rounds. Waitlisted prospective students may be offered a final decision at any point during the application cycle. 

  • Rejected

Rejected prospective students do not qualify for admission to ALU. Rejected prospective students may not reapply for the same intake.

You will receive your final decision by the specified admissions decision deadline according to the round to which you applied via email.

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