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Application Deadlines
Round 1 6 Jan 2018
Round 2 15 April 2018
Round 3 30 April 2018*
Round 4 31 May 2018
Round 5 31 July 2018**

* Last Round for students needing English support.
** Rolling decisions until all spots are secured.

For more detailed information about deadlines click here.

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Financing your experience

Figuring out how you are going to finance your university education is one of the most important things to consider when applying. Here you will find all you need to know about the cost of attending ALU and the financial aid available.

Admitted Students

Class of 2018

You made it in? Well done and welcome to the ALU family. Take the next step on your journey by following the checklist provided to help you enroll.

Welcome to the ALU family!

Non-English Speaking Applicants


If English is not your home language you might need to participate in the English Immersion Programme. Click below to find out.

The deadline for our English Immersion Programme has now passed and we will no longer be taking applications in French and Portuguese. Applications will open again during the admissions cycle for 2019.

If you are accepted to ALU, during the post-admissions process you may be required to complete an English proficiency test.


Si l’anglais n’est pas votre langue maternelle, vous devrez peut-être participer au Programme d’immersion en anglais. Cliquez ci-dessous pour en savoir plus.

La date limite pour notre programme d’immersion anglaise est maintenant passée et nous ne sera donc plus en mesure de prendre des demande en Français et Portugais.

Les applications en Français et en Portugais seront ouvert à nouveau au cours du prochain cycle d’admission de 2019.


Se o inglês não for o seu idioma de origem, talvez seja necessário participar do Programa de Imersão em Inglês. Clique abaixo para descobrir.

O prazo para candidatos(as) a participar do  programa de inglês intensivo está encerrado e, portanto, não iremos validar candidaturas em Francês e Português a partit da corrente data. Os aplicativos de candidatura em Francês e Português serão abertos novamente durante o próximo ciclo de admissões, isto em 2019.

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