The application for our January 2021 intake has now closed. We will be launching our application  for the September 2021 intake soon.

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“I see ALU setting students up for a successful career based on the exposure you get from being here. Doing internships exposes you to real life experience. And being exposed to speakers and students trying different career paths. Those aspects I think set you up really nicely. “

Sofonias Negussie – Computing | Ethiopia

The Application Process

We appreciate the diverse backgrounds and experiences of all our applicants and have therefore designed an online application process that gives you an opportunity to show us who you are, as well as reflect on some of your strengths and achievements.

Part One: The ALU Leadership Assessment

The ALU Leadership Assessment is a norm-referenced assessment through which you will discover how you measure on the 5 core leadership traits and if you are pre-qualified to continue to the academic sections of the application.

The ideal ALU student is deeply motivated to become a catalyst for change—an entrepreneurial leader. Entrepreneurial leaders solve complex problems in creative ways, even with limited resources. They achieve more than anyone thinks is possible, with fewer resources than anyone thinks is possible. Africa and the world at large needs these kinds of leaders in government, civil society, and in business.

Entrepreneurial leaders are not necessarily entrepreneurs (as in ‘founders of companies’). An entrepreneurial leader can be a scientist, a government servant, a corporate, an NGO operator. Entrepreneurial leaders are not bound by status quo, creative, nimble, resilient, imbued with faith, stubborn about their vision, visionary and humble.

The ideal ALU student is one who has a high potential and the deep desire to develop and fully embody these characteristics.

Upon completion of the Leadership Assessment you will receive your leadership potential score, insights about your leadership strengths and opportunities and discover if you are pre-qualified to continue to the academic portion of the application.

Part Two: The ALU Academic Application

In Part Two of your ALU Application you will complete your personal and academic details before submitting your completed application. This section includes items such as Parent/Guardian details, Identification Documents, your Education History and an application Essay.

Full details on each section are listed below.

Essential Information

You will begin your ALU application by sharing basic details on yourself and parents/guardians. Please ensure that all the information in this section is the same as it appears on any legal or national identification documents that you have. You will also be required to upload a scanned copy of your passport/ID to confirm your identity.

Once you have shared your personal and parent/guardian details, you will let us know your preferred campus and degree programmes. These choices are non-binding. Admitted students will be able to confirm their campus in the enrolment process.

ALU has campuses located in Rwanda and Mauritius. The campuses differ not just by location, but also by degrees offered, accreditation, and fees structure. Please find more information about ALC Mauritius here and ALU Rwanda here.

Education History

In this section, you will tell us about your secondary education, as well as any post-secondary education you have pursued, such as university or vocational school. This section helps our admissions team determine if you are academically qualified to study at ALU.

Important: To receive a final admission decision from ALU, you are required to upload the results of the examination you completed to finalise your senior secondary education. Examples include Cambridge A-levels, International Baccalaureate, and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

If you do not yet have your senior secondary qualification, you are required to upload your end-of-term results for your final three (3) years of senior secondary school. You will then be eligible to receive conditional admission to ALU.

Conditional admission means that we have tentatively approved your application and will offer you firm admission provided that your examination results meet our minimum eligibility criteria. We require your official examination results to make a final admission decision. Conditionally admitted students are not permitted to enroll at ALU.


Applicants are required to answer the below essay question:

Africa is still rising and what an exciting time to be part of the continental story as we bolster meaningful impact that will change the African narrative. Challenges such as education, healthcare, job creation, infrastructure, climate change and governance still plague many parts of the continent even as rapid urbanization takes place.

Let us fast forward to 2030, you are a leader in a bustling African metropolis and have a platform to disrupt and be a catalysts for change with opportunities like investing in agriculture, managing natural resources, integrating wildlife, advancing the arts, design and culture of your area, embracing tourism, integrating with neighboring regions and empowering women to become the future leaders of their communities.

As a creative problem solver, identify one opportunity from the above that excites you.

In 250-300 words share with us your innovative approach tackling one of the challenges listed.

Think Unconventional. Think innovative. Think Bold. Just like ALU.

Required Documents

All applicants are required to upload a scan of their passport/ ID. In addition, to submit your application you must either submit your national/senior secondary examination results OR your end-of-term results for your final three (3) years of senior secondary school. We also require post-secondary transcripts for any applicants who have pursued higher education.

Applicants who come from non-English speaking backgrounds but would like to be exempt from our English Immersion programme may upload their TOEFL/IELTS results.

We also allow you to upload any SAT/ACT results you may have.

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Application Deadlines

Although our official application deadlines have passed, we are still accepting applications on a rolling basis.

If you are still hoping to join us at ALU Rwanda or ALC Mauritius, it is not too late. We recommend that you submit your application as soon as possible to give you the best chance of admission.

Admission is subject to campus eligibility, program requirements, and available seats.

Looking for more information? Our detailed pages in this menu give you everything you need to know to proceed with your application.

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