Our Students

Representing 29 African countries, our students are bright, passionate people from across the continent and the globe that have one common mission- to change the world. Meet just some of the students who’ve traveled from all over Africa and around the world to join the inaugural campus, ALC in Mauritius.


Elsa Yeboah-Boateng


The more time I spend in Mauritius, the more I love ALU. Student life is very relaxed and we are already building a close relationship as a community. This bond forms in academic life as well, mostly in Discovery and Peer Sessions. I have learned that learning happens everywhere and anyhow! Outside of school, the beach is one of my favourite places in Mauritius – the view of the sea amazes me every time. I also enjoy walking the streets of Grand Baie and exploring the various shops and restaurants there, but what I love most is the night sky. I have never seen a sky as starry as the one in Mauritius.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Banza Magazine; ALU A Capella Group; Christian Fellowship; Drama Club; Privateer Club; Story Behind The App Club; Student Marketing Council


Michael Muturi


My time at ALU so far has been life-changing. The unique learning model has given me the chance to learn so much from so many in such a short time. Additionally, the student life experience is exhilarating and has pushed me out of my destructive comfort zone. All in all, the learning environment here at ALU has been invigorating and promising since countless opportunities for my personal growth and development exist (and are in the process of existing).

Extra-curricular Activities: Privateer Club; Drama Club; Cooking Club; Culture Club


Piet Motalaota

South Africa

My experience has been unbelievable. I have never been on such long journey of discovery as I am at ALU. There are just so many new things to explore, both in the academic and the student life. The way we learn is so different that I am learning things I thought I knew in a whole new way. Everything feels exciting, even a game of chess with a housemate. Who would have thought that all these tremendous undertakings were happening on a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean? Whether I’m hiking or chilling at the beach, I find myself reflecting on my experiences and it’s surreal.

Extra-curricular Activities: Crisis Management Team; founder of ALU’s first student-run venture, Snack Time.


Linda Admassu


ALU has been such a unique and different experience for me. Everyone is so friendly, and getting to know the community has been an opportunity to learn new things about Africa everyday. Going through the Leadership Core courses and learning model has already resulted in a tremendous shift in my critical thinking and actions. I genuinely believe that I am part of a forward-thinking and collaborative establishment that is a once in a lifetime journey.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Banza Magazine; Drama Club