Our Meta Skills

In a fast-changing world, mastery of academic theory is not enough. Our “Skills on top of theory” approach has been designed to supplement academic theory and give you the skills you need to remain relevant in an ever-changing world. We prepare you for jobs that haven’t been created yet.

ALU has identified 7 Meta Skills that employers seek in graduates they hire. These skills will also prepare you to shape your own destiny as an entrepreneur one day. You will apply these skills throughout your time at ALU to answer the questions: “who do I lead?” and “how do I lead?”

1 Leading Others

Empathy, diversity, relationship building, feedback, collaboration

2 Leading Self

Self-awareness, proactivity, lifelong values, self-improvement, self-regulation

3 Entrepreneurial Thinking

Systems thinking, identifying opportunities, human-centeredthinking, creativity and innovation, continuous iteration

4 Critical Thinking

Authentic inquiry, evidence/research analysis, arguments and judgement, synthesis

5 Quantitative Reasoning

Data contextualisation, uncertainty and modelling of the real world, empirical research, data-based decision making, quantitative problem solving

6 Communication for Impact

Audience, writing process, voice, organising for effective communication, story-telling and presentation

7 Managing Complex Tasks

Scoping, structuring, planning, coordination, execution

Last updated on December 16th, 2016