2019 Arts Festival At ALC Mauritius

This article explains all you need to know about the Arts Festival at ALC Mauritius.


The Arts Festival is a unique tradition of ALU’s inaugural campus that started in 2017 which gives students an avenue to discover, develop and display their talents and artwork to the ALU community. This was an idea that was birthed by the passion and hard work of some committed staff and students of ALC Mauritius and today, forms an integral part of the culture within the ALC community. The Arts Festival is an annual week-long celebration of talents that abound in the ALU community and presents an opportunity for artists from diverse fields to take their work to the next level. The Festival also provides a platform for students to show their artwork and talents in celebration of the diverse pan-African cultures that exist within the ALC community. The festival features programs and activities that students can get engaged in depending on their interests and passions.

This year’s Arts Festival is themed African Truth. This theme is meant to allow students explore and showcase what it means to be African to them through their artworks, paintings, poetry, stories and a host of other artistic ways of showing the African identity. This is an important part of the ALU identity. In addition, this year’s theme hopes to encourage entrepreneurship and collaborative work among artists so as to help take not just their business but also their artwork to the next level.

Between the March 24th to 30th, there will be a series of programs organized on campus in which students are meant to engage themselves in and be a part of. Events outlined for this program include a visual arts workshop, a flea market, a film festival, “feminazi” and a grand showcase drama at the end. The list below details the full activities students will engage in throughout the week as explained by the student-organizers of the event:

24/03 Flea Market: An interactive and fun market space for students to sell their creations

25/03 Everyday Stories Masterclass: A visual arts workshop on storytelling using everyday moments

26/03 Film Festival: A night where filmmakers can showcase their work and also stand to win awards for their films

27/03 Owning the Stage Masterclass: A performing arts workshop where you can learn more about stage presence

28/03 Business in Art Masterclass: An informative workshop for all, where you can learn how to make money out of talent

29/03 Feminazi is a night set aside to share the stories of African women through fashion, poetry, music, and art.

30/03 Grand Showcase: A mindblowing production written by our students and an interactive art gallery.

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